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Aesthetic Treatments

I have undergone extensive training from leaders in the industry providing you with a list of aesthetic treatments that will cater for all needs and requirements.

Treatments: Services

Dermal filler

Dermal filler is injected into the skin in different areas at different depths and thicknesses to help fill in facial wrinkles, restore lost volume and sculpt the face. With dermal filler we can achieve a subtle natural look or a more contoured, sculpted look. A thorough consultation will be performed before you have your treatment where Mikayla will really get to know your wants and also offer you her professional advice. It is important to Mikayla to manage your expectations and educate you on the treatment you are interested in so that you feel informed when deciding whether to go ahead with the treatment. 

Depending on the area you have treated and how your body reacts to the filler results usually last between 6- 18 months. 

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